Mark 6:1-6

I have now been working in prison chaplaincy for nearly ten years, ordained now 22 years ago . When I look back, do I think I have changed?  The answer is yes.  The then the question is how?

Two of my tutors back in the late nineties and early 21st century shared the responsibility of teaching liturgy.  Our Director of Deacons at the time said to me that these boys speak with so much confidence.  He himself admitted he lack that confidence to speak so profoundly.  They were young priests who knew their subjects.

I think I have changed because that daily impact of prayer and reflection linked with pastoral work and challenge has built up a confidence in faith in me. I have heard great preachers proclaiming the Word of God and some of it has clearly rubbed off so that I always feel I can bring Jesus` teaching to situations I face.

The challenge for us all is to be confident in our faith and not to be ashamed of it or embarrassed by it.  We need to experience Jesus’ teaching and the story of salvation in our daily lives so that we have the confidence to deal with challenges.

Jesus had total confidence in his relationship with the Father who sent him and, in his mission, but that seems to astonish his friends and neighbours in this gospel passage.   They knew him as a young boy.  Where has this development come from?  We must grow in faith daily while we carry out our part of God`s plan so that ultimately we become a fully developed Christian community, a powerhouse for good over evil.

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