Sunday 11 in Ordinary Time
Mark 4:26-34

Looking at the mustard seeds I have in my spice rack, the thought of one of these becoming almost like a tree seems quite preposterous. I always imagined a barren wasteland and suddenly a mustard tree in its centre.  But in order to grow and thrive, seeds need soil, light, warmth and water. Working with young people, I can see the difference in those who thrive in the environment we provide; the kindnesses we show; the commitment of teaching staff and those working to support them. To make make the mustard seed flourish, it involves an army of people. And it’s the interconnectedness of those people who bring the potential, especially of our young people to their fullness. The African saying that it takes a village to raise a child is absolutely true. We are all part of that nurturing team to create the society we deserve. It’s not just down to those who wield power and authority, but also to the one who does a little pruning and weeding around the foot of the now legendary mustard tree.

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