Organ nightmares

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Re: Organ nightmares

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I suspect that we may be beginning a discussion on the difference between a cassock and a choir robe. And on the way cantors come across at Mass. And on the differences between Anglican organists and Catholic organists. And heaven knows what else besides...

Perhaps we should return to flying drawstops hitting divas on the head — it might be safer!

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Re: Organ nightmares

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Played at a funeral yesterday at a church that I won't name. There were a number of dodgy contacts on the ancient electronic organ so, when you pressed the key you didn't always get a note, or you got a delayed note (possibly worse). The pedalboard didn't work, neither did the Swell (I only discovered this when I started playing and desperately had to add the base line to the 3 stave piece I had started to play. The voicing didn't sound too good from where I was sitting. Looked at the pedalboard afterwards: it had been moved, possibly to retrieve something, loads of rubbish there including 2 clothes pegs which I removed; managed to put the pedalboard back so most of the notes work. Sent an email to the PP today giving contact details for an electronic organ specialist and suggesting that the lid be kept closed and that sweets, artificial flowers etc. not be stored on the organ. They don't have an organist so their choir sings unaccompanied on Sundays. Certainly earned my fee. Then the PP of another parish phones me to say I'm not needed for the 2 weddings this Saturday - he only booked me a week ago. One has been postponed and the other have a family member who is going to play. Ho-hum!

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Re: Organ nightmares

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Ouch! Some people have no idea how much juggling of family and life is involved in being available for weddings and funerals. There are plenty of people and businesses who would charge a cancellation fee in such circumstances, but, I imagine, very few organists.

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