SSG Composers' Forum: [1] Invitation

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SSG Composers' Forum: [1] Invitation

Post by musicus » Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:06 am

As you may have read in the forum or on the website, we are about to relaunch the SSG's Composers' Group under the new name of SSG Composers' Forum. Any composers, text writers, or those who are just interested in composing or writing for the liturgy who would like to receive information about the Composers' Forum's activities are invited to join the SSG Composers' Forum email group. Just send an email to Alan Smith (alanpsmith AT mac DOT com) at any time. Please include your real name in the email message, as it might not be obvious from your email address. There is no need to provide your postal address, phone number or any other details.

All communication about the Composers' Forum business will be carried out via email, so do please sign-up. Some people are already on the existing database, but if you're not sure, please apply again.

Your email address will be used solely for the efficient administration of the Composers' Forum. We will NOT use your email address for any other purpose, either within or outside the SSG, and we will NOT give it or sell it to any third-party.

We will use your email address to give you early notice of the Forum's various meetings and workshops around the UK; to send you resource materials from time to time; and to call for material to discuss at the meetings. Most of this information (but not the resources) will also appear on the SSG web forums and on its website.

If you have any queries about any of this, please email (not PM) Alan at his email address (mentioned earlier and - of course, disguised).
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