Litany Of The Saints at Easter Vigil

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Re: Litany Of The Saints at Easter Vigil

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JW wrote:I just wonder what the point is of blessing water and relating the blessing to baptisms if the water isn't going to be used for baptism?

Read the two prayers of blessing JW. The first is a blessing of baptismal water. The second is a blessing of water as a "memorial" of our baptism....... although the ending of the prayer seems a little strange if applied solely to local, particular circumstances. I think it should/must be taken in a universal context. "…grant that we may share in the gladness of our brothers and sisters, who at Easter have received their Baptism." (But manifestly not here at St Elsewhere's for nobody is being baptised.) (Missal p.416)
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Re: Litany Of The Saints at Easter Vigil - Dare I ask . . ?

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I'm not sure we ever resolved this to evryone's satisfaction, but may I ask: - if there is to be Reception but not a Bapstism does that have any effect on what is said or sung (and I suppose I'm mainly talking about the Litany although there still remains the minor question of that little Antiphon "Springs of Water")


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Re: Litany Of The Saints at Easter Vigil

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And just add to the usual concerns we did Easter Vigil (and Holy Thursday) bilingually which meant that the Litany had some challenges!

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