Raising our game

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Raising our game

Post by musicus » Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:04 pm

A few contributors (some of whom are ex-contributors) have complained about infantilism and lack of purpose on the forum, and suggested that this is discouraging others from posting. To the extent that threads are hijacked (often by the same people) by provocative trolling (and the feeding of trolls), I agree. Now, there is a good deal that the moderators could do to lock the forum down - e.g. by requiring everything to be pre-moderated - but we are not minded to do that - yet. However, when an important current subject such as the Pope's resignation can effectively be sunk by gratuitous comment, action is called for.

In the past, it has been my custom to annotate and explain my moderations. Henceforth, blatant infractions of the forum rules will simply be removed without comment. Unfortunately, this may well include the removal of perfectly sincere responses. Such collateral damage is regrettable but inevitable.

Basically, we are just going to be more vigilant and apply the forum rules with less hesitation. That's our prerogative. Hopefully, this will improve the climate around here without stifling wit and originality.

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