Core Repertoire

Martin Foster, from the Liturgy Office, asks for your opinions on a proposed core repertoire

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Core Repertoire

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In each of music resources for the Seasons of At Your Word Lord, a number of key pieces have been recognised as core repertoire for a parish's repertoire.

Many of the texts, such as the Magnificat and the Beatitudes, are familiar. They are key passages from scripture and our tradition and as can be seen in the following lists they regularly find echoes within the Sunday readings. These are core texts to be sung on people’s lips and prayed in their hearts.

This forum offers a draft 'long list'. An attempt to identify texts which should form the core of a liturgical repertoire. There are possibly 4 distinct types of text:
  • Texts, such as Exodus 15, that occur only once in the liturgical year but when they do occur they are meant to be sung.
  • Texts, such as the Magnificat, that as well as being a core text for Evening Prayer, can be sung on many occasions.
  • Texts that might be seen as seen as a second level of priority. For some of these texts there is often a lack of musical settings.
  • Elements the liturgy, such as the Song of Farewell at Funerals, where there is not a choice of single text but it is important that something is sung at this point.

Where music suggestions have been made for At your Word Lord they are included. In the case of some texts it may be appropriate to know more than one setting — we do not always want to sing the Beatitudes at the top of our voices!

It is an assumption that parishes have a repertoire for the Ordinary of the Mass — Gloria, Gospel Acclamation etc. as well as settings of the psalms for the Liturgy of the Word (see page on Common Responsorial Psalms).

This list is a draft. It is a long list, intended to be comprehensive. A revised list may give priority to some texts. It is intended for parish musicians so that they can develop their parish's repertoire. It is intended for composers as encouragement to set these core texts. Comments by email (to, with the subject "Core Repertoire") are welcome on inclusions and omissions, or suggestions for repertoire.
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