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Post by Merseysider »

Not sure if it's OK to appeal on here and I'm sure if it's not then webmaster will remove this. But it did occur to me that this might be a good place to cast my night.

I work across two parishes – so do our PP and deacon. One of our churches has a three manual pipe-organ (whose restoration is beyond us) and a two manual digital on long-term loan.

The other church is smaller but has a congregation which sings very, very well – alas, we have no keyboard. And we're trying hard to raise around £750 for a Roland digi piano – yes, I know some of you will be horrified at the thought but it's perfect for the smaller church and its repertoire.

£750 might not seem much but it's a lot for us and it it's going to take us ages to raise the cash. In the meantime we use other instruments when we can but it's hard-going sometime.

Does anyone have – or know of – a suitable instrument which we can borrow for a few months? A keyboard is fine as long as it has unput for sustaining or effects pedal.

As long as it's in a couple of hours' travelling distance from God's own county (Merseyside) we can easily collect.

There must be someone, somewhere who knows of such an instrument. You'll receive our thankful prayers and can be safe in the knowledge that it's helping improve our already improving singing.

All offers considered.

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Post by musicus »

I don't have a problem with your post, Merseysider. (We don't allow attempts to sell goods and services, but requesting them is presumably OK. Read admin's A Few House-Rules announcement if you're unsure.)

Nor do I (or, I'm reliably informed, the SSG) have a problem with digital instruments. I use an analogue (pipe!) organ and a digital piano at our church, depending on the music in hand. We've even used both at once on occasions. (Which is no consolation to Merseysider, of course. Pretty insensitive, actually... :oops:)

Do let Merseysider know if you can help, folks.


(Edit: I have removed the '?' from the topic title.)

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Post by presbyter »

Why don't you suggest to the PP that the usual "Department of Ways and Means" within a diocese comes into operation and that the larger parish gives an interest free loan of £750 to the smaller parish. Pay it back over five years.

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