SSG CD series?

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SSG CD series?

Post by johnquinn39 » Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:57 pm

IMHO, since V2 we have had some really excellent liturgical music has been written. (Both in original texts, and settings of scripture and liturgy).

I think that they deserve to be better known. Perhaps part of the problem is that some of this music has not been available in the UK until fairly recently, and also that many RC teachers may be unaware of its existance.

It is very difficult for people to 'take ownership' of music they have never heard!

Would it be a good idea to produce a series of CD's featuring classic titles by Farrell, Joncas, Inwood, Walker, Hurd, Dean et al? - in 'minimal' rather than 'concert' style, i.e. a sound that could realistically be reproduced in a parish setting. (This is of course not a critisism of the CCM or Noel Tredinnick's festive concert readings.)

Some titles that come to mind are:

Everyday God - Farrell
Magnificat - Jones
As the Deer - Hurd
Taste & see - Moore
Also a selection of Bishop Dudley-Smith and Rev John Bell titles
SSG members music
Bevenot / Murray / Gelineau / Taize

OK, there are copyright and expense issues. Also uncertaintly about whether these texts and music will be permitted (in the RC Church) in the future. However,
these are words that we can take with us to transform our lives, the world, and bring us into the Kingdom.

What do people think?

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