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Post by docmattc » Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:08 am

Congratulations to John Ainslie for an insightful series of articles on liturgical orientation which concluded in the current issue. What a difference there is between everyone facing the same way and praying together and the priest having his back to the people. When I speak to people old enough to remember when ad orientem was the only liturgical option, it is without fail described as "Father had his back to us". This would suggest that the symbolism wasn't working, or wasn't explained or both. I experienced school Masses ad orientem until the age of 12, and Father had his back to us, there was no explanation of the correct meaning. I wonder if the prevailing attitude before the council was 'having his back to us' and we are really only now (when the issue is contentious) exploring the correct symbolism?

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