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Post by oopsorganist » Sun Nov 20, 2005 12:05 pm

Hello and greetings to all

All this debate about what to sing and play and what will be the changes around the corner. Which is the right way to go and who will control this.....

Anyway, I was wondering if, being as how the meaning of catholic is that universal thing .....should we be working towards a repertoire which is just that, with or without plainchant? It would be so much easier if there were less options. And it would be so much easier if there were tapes. Now this is what we do when we want to learn a new bit. We record it and plan to share it with anyone interested..... well that's the plan.

How about a Diocesan recording tape with Masses and Glorias and Great Amens? For those who truly do not know what to sing and help for any bodies trying to sort out problem choirs, PP's etc. Not exactly prescriptive, just help and guidance.
uh oh!

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