Feast day

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Feast day

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I volunteered to play for the feast day at a local church which we have been attending :D The occasion was also the induction of the new parish priest who worked very hard to prepare for the day. The big surprise was that he had not looked at the Missal to see the set readings for the day. He chose Missa de angelis and well-known hymns. The psalm Centre of my life was sung unaccompanied and I got the cantor to sing the verse for the Celtic Alleluia. There were a couple of changes from the music list in the booklet. At the end there were a very large number of parish awards (I kept wondering who had been left out!) and the celebrant gave the blessing before them! The plan was to sing Salve regina after the dismissal but we had already had that so the final hymn was announced. There were 2 announcements over the final voluntary urging people to go to the hall which was packed when we got there! I do think it is very rude to announce things like that (and unnecessary!) The organist is NOT a jukebox! :(
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