Cardiff & Menevia - Two Dioceses, one Bishop

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Cardiff & Menevia - Two Dioceses, one Bishop

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Not strictly a matter of liturgy (yet!), but interesting to note that Bishop Mark O'Toole (Plymouth) has been appointed Archbishop of Cardiff (succeeding Archbishop Stack) and, at the same time, Bishop of Menevia (currently vacant) thus uniting the two dioceses "in persona Episcopi". So they remain separate dioceses with separate curia etc, but have the same bishop. One wonders how this will play out in the long term...

The liturgy bit is that I assume there will be separate installations in Cardiff and Swansea.
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Re: Cardiff & Menevia - Two Dioceses, one Bishop

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Menevia was originally part of Cardiff, so the infant returns to its mother, in a sense. There have been rumours for a while now that Menevia was not financially viable. Perhaps not having to find its own episcopal expenses will help.

The installation in Cardiff is announced for 20 June. Nothing has been said about Menevia, and he wouldn't technically need to be installed in more than one place. I would suspect that he will simply organise a formal visitation pretty soon after installation in Cardiff.

The folk in Cardiff are going to miss +George Stack's excellent preaching.
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