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Re: Rabbits.

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You had better unfriend me. Completely censor me.
And the thousands that marched in London last Saturday.
According to the guidance issued to schools, anti masker people are extremist on a par with terrorists.
I just want to go to Mass. As normal.
I am not buying into this New Normal.
uh oh!
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Re: Rabbits.

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Well said Oops. "New Normal" can do the proverbial.
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Re: Rabbits.

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Guessing this thread will also be locked soon.....
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Re: Rabbits.

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I have no issue with reasoned comment/discussion about the current restrictions on the way liturgy can be carried on in public and the extent to which they may or may not be necessary or desirable - indeed it would be welcomed (assuming that it complies with the normal rules for this forum). I agree that we should be on our guard against the current position becoming a 'new normal'. This forum is not, however, a vehicle for general protest of the type which is being inserted here - there are plenty of other places for that.
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