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Just popping in.....

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We sang this one year - I had been so ill - I had nearly died - respiratory problem, overwork, that sort of thing. Four weeks in hospital on an antibiotic drip - I think they use that antibiotic to clean toilets..... certainly tasted like it.
Hear it again. So beautiful.
uh oh!

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Re: Just popping in.....

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Great piece, great recording! Although it doesn't sound like it, the piano part requires virtuoso technique to perform as written (Antoine Oomen was a concert pianist), though you can adapt it somewhat.

The modern Dutch school is massively underrated and underused.

One for the present pandemic is Huijbers' Hold me in life, so simple and yet so effective. The original octavo was in F, but there's a version in D which is much more user-friendly.

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