Seed Scattered and Sown

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Seed Scattered and Sown

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From another thread long ago:
pdsfd wrote: Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:40 pm
Southern Comfort wrote: Wed Jun 26, 2019 4:44 pm I looked at this list and thought "Who is Dan Feiton?!" It turns out that Dan Feiten (correct spelling) wrote only one song that has lasted, Seed, Scattered and Sown, a fairly folksy offering (1987) which I remember from some American hymnals of bygone years but whose composer I would have been unable to name. Now I discover that this song was included in Laudate. I must confess that I am still uncovering new things in that hymn book, even after all this time (as well as finding a myriad of new misprints to add to the list of thousands already uncovered); and clearly this song is still alive in Salford, even if it has died in most other places. You learn something new every day!
Not just Salford either! The last time I heard it was the last time we had the parable of the sower on a Sunday, and this was at a parish in the West Midlands. I've heard the folksy version of it, but at both this church and at Salford we have sung it at a much slower pace, and it is better for it IMO. It is also in the McCrimmons hymn book.
My efforts to keep this song on life-support continue unabashed - our parish 'virtual choir' put this one together for yesterday.

the result.
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Re: Seed Scattered and Sown

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"Thank you nurse. Time of death recorded at . . .
Would someone inform the family?"
Nicely sung though.
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