COVID-19 - Latest information from the Liturgy Office

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COVID-19 - Latest information from the Liturgy Office

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The Archbishops of England & Wales have announced that public Mass will cease as of Friday evening (20th March). Here is the note about how liturgies are to be celebrated.
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Re: COVID-19 - Latest information from the Liturgy Office

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I notice from the penultimate paragraph of the linked document ("Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil
This will be dependent on the forthcoming decisions of the Bishops for the Holy Week ceremonies.") that the fate of the Holy Week eremonies was not decided at the time of writing. Has anything further forthcome yet? (I've cancelled choir practices and effectively stood the choir down! - was that premature?)

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Re: COVID-19 - Latest information from the Liturgy Office

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In order for this new 'suppression' tactic to work it needs to be in place for at least 3 months. The Imperial College modelling indicates that we might then have a month or two of the previous 'management' strategy before bringing back 'suppression' for another three months, and that this sequencing would continue until either (i) a cure is developed (ie a drug that will 'fix' someone who presents with severe symptoms) or (ii) a vaccine is developed (around 18 months away - because of the time required to make sure that someone inoculated in the human trial doesn't develop the disease otherwise premature mass vaccination would simply be injecting the disease into people) or (iii) 'herd immunity' gradually develops (or a combination of all three). I'm not spending any time planning for a normal Triduum! I will however be working with my PP to see what could be broadcast in some way.
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