Salazar Gloria

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Salazar Gloria

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What's the current approval status of George Salazar'a "Glory, glory, glory to God" with verses, which I've just been asked to include as a "Gloria" in tomorrow night's order of service? I'd assumed that as a paraphrase it was no longer acceptable, but when I queried it with the visiting organist (a recent convert from CofE) he replied that it was in the latest "Laudate", so it must be OK. He's also picked Paul Inwood's "Communion Song 3" as a "Lamb of God" substitute, which is also a paraphrase.

It's true, they are in "Laudate", but in the "Trust, Hope, Guidance" and "Communion Processional Songs" sections. I would interpret this as meaning that they can be sung at Mass but not as substitutes for the "Gloria" and "Lamb of God", though would appreciate a second opinion (or even more thoughts!).

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Re: Salazar Gloria

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Peter, the organist in question also told me that the priest had asked him to find something lively, and the Salazar Gloria was about the liveliest thing he could find in Laudate.

You are right, these settings are technically no longer approved for use as substitutes for the corresponding liturgical text, but a pastoral consideration might be that they would be of help to the "once a year" brigade on this occasion. And if the priest wants something upbeat..... I'm sure God can handle it!

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Re: Salazar Gloria

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We didn't sing a Gloria last night. But at the end of the Gospel we linked into Paul Inwood's Joyful News to You I Bring, after which the deacon proclaimed, "The Gospel of the Lord". Worked well and the once-a-year brigade, all huddled at the back, sang heartily!

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