Funerals and autocrats

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Re: Funerals and autocrats

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I expect most people know that the Londonderry Air has been applied to two hymn texts: 'I Cannot Tell' and 'Lord of the Church'. Offhand I think they can be found in Mission Praise. The former would certainly justify its performance at a funeral. In any case I think the tune is pretty good, not least because of the way it lends itself to highly effective and emotional harmonisation.

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Re: Funerals and autocrats

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However it does have a massive range and that open invitation to a drunken rising glissando.
Experience teaches me to transpose most things down for funerals unless there is a large crowd familiar with the hymns..... Slane in D, anyone?

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Re: Funerals and autocrats

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With yet more relevance to funerals, a version of the Song of Farewell is sung to the Londonderry Air.

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Re: Funerals and autocrats

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To return to the original post it was When I am laid in earth of Purcell but barely recognisable - too slow and very wooden. Also Ave verum of Mozart. I played for a memorial service on Tuesday. Really odd as the deceased was a lovely lady who had been pastoral assistant (C of E). The body was brought into the church on Monday, cremated Tuesday morning and memorial service Tuesday afternoon. Our small choir was augmented by a neighbouring church choir. Unfortunately they did not know Ogden's Christ has no body (the deceased's favourite anthem) so I played it before the service. We did sing Rutter A Clare benediction and Shera's Nunc dimittis and it all went well. 3 good hymns too. I finished with I know that my redeemer liveth. It is important to strike an Easter note! :D

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