Hymn for deceased parishioners

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John Ainslie
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Hymn for deceased parishioners

Post by John Ainslie »

Some years ago, my then ex-Anglican parish priest brought to my attention a hymn in honour of deceased parishioners. We sang it each November for a number of years. It is from the New English Hymnal (208): I have changed the beginning to read 'In our day of remembrance' instead of 'In our day of thanksgiving'. Attached.

The given tune (originally in D-flat) works well. Or you can just fit the words into WAS LEBET, WAS SCHWEBET ('O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness').

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Re: Hymn for deceased parishioners

Post by Peter »

Sadly, having downloaded the files I couldn't open them - or rather, when I did they just appeared as gibberish! :( :?

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Re: Hymn for deceased parishioners

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Love it but it s a real tearjerker :(

Ros Wood
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Re: Hymn for deceased parishioners

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Yes, since we had an Ordinariate Group with their priest join our parish we have sung this every year on our Parish Feast Day - Christ the King. And yes, it is a real tear-jerker as your remember former parishioners.

But it is a great hymn.

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