New look website

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New look website

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For those of you who have bookmarked the forum, you may have noticed the updated forum. What you may not yet have seen is the updated SSG website. The team has spent a lot of time and effort revamping the look and feel of the site and it is worth taking a look.
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Ros Wood
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Re: New look website

Post by Ros Wood »

New website looks great.

Thank you.

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Re: New look website

Post by organist »

Looks good! :D

Southern Comfort
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Re: New look website

Post by Southern Comfort »

It looks really good, but now takes three times as long to load as the previous one!

Dom Perignon
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Re: New look website

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My understanding is that this is because of the number and resolutions of the photographs on the site. It is being looked into. After the first login it should load much faster on subsequent visits as it will most likely have been cached on your computer.

A huge amount of intensive testing was done before the site went live, but there may well be issues that the testing team did not pick up or which may have arisen subsequently. If anyone has encountered difficulties, could they please pm me and I will pass them on.
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Re: New look website

Post by JW »

It was fine for me after the first log in.

Do Not Be Afraid
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Re: New look website - RSS Feed?

Post by Do Not Be Afraid »

Dear colleagues, like many, I love the "new" website - significant key advantage being that it is now readable on a variety of devices etc. Great work.

I might be wrong, but in the updated forum, I think I miss the RSS feed option which I am sure was there in the old one? Has anyone else noticed this, or have I totally dreamt that there ever was one?!


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Re: New look website

Post by Peter »

One oddity I've just realised is that when you're in the Discussion Forum there is a link back to the Board Index but I can't find one to take you back to the SSG Home Page. It's not serious for me, as I have the Home Page rather than the Board Index bookmarked, so maybe that's why it took me so long to spot the anomaly. Was the fact that clicking on "Discussion Forum" at the top of the Home Page" opens a new window intended to ensure that you still have an easy way to go back, by selecting the other open window? When accessing the site, I normally click one of the links at the bottom of the page to take me into the latest post, which actually suits me better because it doesn't open a new window.

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