Musical accompaniment on Good Friday

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Re: Musical accompaniment on Good Friday

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Wow that is going to be ....interesting.
I think that priest should get together with the soprano that I heard sing Panis Angelicus just now at a service. Ouch ouch ouch.
uh oh!

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Re: Musical accompaniment on Good Friday

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How did your accompanied Exsultet go, Alan? I sang it 3 semitones down, and managed to stay on pitch, I am relieved to say, (particularly on this occasion as a close friend musician who has perfect pitch was being received.)

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Re: Musical accompaniment on Good Friday

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In the end - after 4 hours of coaching - it went fairly well. He sang the first bit pretty accurately, though a little flat. And he "free-styled" some of the second bit which had my fingers scampering to catch up with him. But he was happier for having sung it with support. And I was happier that it wasn't a total write off. Plenty of good comments from parishioners who guessed what must have been going on.

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