The Preparation of the Gifts is not usually an appropriate p

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Re: The Preparation of the Gifts is not usually an appropria

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I'm coming late to this discussion, but I note the national guidance ranks a hymn or music at this point as "priority 3" on a par with singing Kyrie Eleison, Agnus Dei or a recessional!
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Re: The Preparation of the Gifts is not usually an appropria

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Just so the Liturgy Office says

"People bring gifts while all sing or listen
[If no song, P. may say prayers, all respond]"

Which means that all may sing, or some may sing (or organ play?) while others listen otherwise the listening bit would not be there. It would not make sense. The choir in this case representing all. As choirs might do.

Where one Diocese has published that "The Preparation of the Gifts is not usually and appropriate place for a hymn" I quote from memory, might not be exactly the words - it could have written in the Liturgy Office guidance and then declared that they had a preference for something particular - with the reasons for that preference I suppose. I think there was a confusion between what is guidance and what is preference. The published statement is in the section provided for Music Guidance from a Diocese - and would impact on parish musicians because, I would presume, these are the people who might want to read that information. It is an unhelpful section which shows very little insight into the everyday needs of parishes and parish musicians.

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