Pope Francis and ecology

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Pope Francis and ecology

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The latest Encyclical: what music could help spread the message?

This hymns was an entry in the CEL Environment Hymn competition. .

Tune: As the Deer Pants. Songs of Hymns of Fellowship 22 - Listen to tune

For the beauty of the earth
We give to God our praise.
He has giv'n us his whole creation
Now and for always.
We have flowers and exotic food
From Countries far away
We have fuel and technology
To help us day by day.

But the earth belongs to our children,
It's not ours to destroy.
They will need its scarce resources,
To use and to enjoy.
And do we take the daily bread
From the children of the poor?
Do we poison the very world
Which could give them so much more?

For the beauty of the earth
We give to God our praise.
He has lent us his whole creation
Cherish it always.
We can learn to be fair in trade
And pay what goods are worth.
Show we care for the next generation,
Live more lightly on the earth.

Sheila Redmond, Rathmell, Settle N Yorkshire

This hymn was an entry in the CEL Environment Hymn Competition and will be printed in the book Environment Praise details

The Sheila Redmond is happy for people to print this hymn for services and non commercial publicaitons etc provided that the exact words are printed, and that she is credited. She would be pleased to hear where it is being used . email Redmond

At least is gets rid of the deer pants. The concept of deer pants is quite difficult.
uh oh!

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