Spirit of the Season

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Spirit of the Season

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A small writing group - sponsored by the Society of Saint Gregory and the Bishops' Conference Liturgy Office - has revived Spirit of the Season.
SoS, for those who have not come across it before, is a resource to promote good and authentic celebrations of the Church's Liturgy with children, especially in schools, but also in other settings.
It tries to inform and guide those adults who may be preparing the Liturgy, or wish their teaching or catechesis to be informed by the Liturgy, but who may be needing help and guidance to interpret the Rites and liturgical books and guidelines.
The new resource is being published, in part, in Music and Liturgy, and a fuller edition made available for free download from the SSG website.
The first of the new SoSs was published in the February issue of M&L, and the fuller edition is available on the resources section of the SSG website. Unfortunately there has been a layout error there. It will be reposted shortly, in a corrected form, but in the meantime the revised copy is attached here.
The next issue of M&L, with the new SoS, is due out in June, and the fuller version of SoS2 will be on the website shortly thereafter.
Do have a look, and perhaps draw attention of schools and others to the new resource....
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