Blessing and sprinkling

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Blessing and sprinkling

Post by PhloridaPhil »

I am watching the Mass of Easter from Rome and at the same time feeling a brief rainfall in Florida and am left wondering if there is ever a precedent for blessing the water which falls from God as an alternative sprinkling rite. it strikes me that there is not. Such a blessing would be more effective than the ineffectual sprinkling rites that do occur in our parishes.

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Re: Blessing and sprinkling

Post by VML »

I wonder why no-one has thought of that before, or if they have, what happened to it.

John Ainslie
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Re: Blessing and sprinkling

Post by John Ainslie »

Ah! I see a new liturgical ministry of special interest to gardeners - catching rainwater to use in the Rite of Sprinkling in place of much-processed tap water. We'll call said gardener an Aquifer. And surely there are lots of suitable scriptural texts to go with it - e.g. Isaiah 55:10-11.

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