Rumblings in Arundel & Brighton

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Rumblings in Arundel & Brighton

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I am sad to see reports of the resignation of +Kieran Conry. He had made a particular study of liturgy and I was gratified to find in him an ally when it came to the role of music and the assembly in post-Vatican 2 liturgy. I can remember him taking me to one side after the Mass to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the papacy of Benedict XVI at Leeds Cathedral. He was understandably irate at the seeming disregard of Council's understanding of the assembly's role as exemplified by that Mass attended by so many of our bishops. You can boast the largest musical set up of any diocese but if the choice of music is inappropriate to today's liturgy you have lost the plot.

The bishop is chief liturgist of his diocese and this one took that responsibility to his heart. I thank God for him and wish him peace.

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Re: Rumblings in Arundel & Brighton

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A sensitive posting Phil,
Thank you.

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