All things to all people?

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Re: All things to all people?

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This can be quite a tricky issue.

Our choir sit facing the altar in the first 3 rows on the left hand side. The organ console is up on the sanctuary so it's great for me to be able to hear what's happening.
A cantor will often come up to the lectern for this or that (I know there are debates about the lectern only being used for the liturgy of the word and some places have a separate stand).

Our arrangement seems to work well for us as I'm not sure what alternative we have. Apparently, some years ago the choir used to sit where they do now only facing side on but for whatever reason this is now no longer the case.

We do not have a gallery at the back of church.

The only down-side (and it could be quite a big one) is that it can give the impression of everything happening at the front and the singing can sometimes be a bit "quiet" at the back of church. Although, I suppose those who prefer to not sing feel they have somewhere to go.

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