Promoting liturgical participation

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Fr Allen Morris
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Promoting liturgical participation

Post by Fr Allen Morris » Tue May 20, 2014 9:50 pm

You may be interested to know of a new resource promoted for Westminster Diocese.

Living Eucharist

Sunday Mass is the most important resource for faithful Christian living.

It is important that we are atuned to Christ's presence and action in the Mass. Careful preparation of ourselves for the celebration, and continuing to ponder the things of the celebration in our heart makes all the difference.

'Living Liturgy' is a daily blog, which offers two sets of postings. The first, on Monday to Wednesday, are postings under the title, 'Taste and See', which encourage us to reflect on our experience of Sunday's Mass, and continue our learning from that. The second, on Thursday to Sunday, are posted under the title 'Speak Lord', present the readings and psalm of the Liturgy of the Word in turn, and helps us prepare for the coming celebration of Mass. The easiest way of accessing these daily postings is to subscribe to the blog - (Press the 'follow' button on the bottom right of the screen when you access the blog).That way you receive an e-mail as each daily posting is made. Alternatively you can access the blog directly at any time.

This daily blog, Living Eucharist, is a new initiative. It’s been trialled here in St Johns Wood parish over a few weeks. It’s a simple, but hopefully interesting and helpful, resource to sustain people’s prayerful engagement during the rest of the week with the riches of Sunday Mass. Take a look and, if you wish, please give it a plug in your parish, school or other newsletters.

All the best, Allen

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