Year of Faith prayer

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Year of Faith prayer

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I have started work on the above, but have 'writer's block'.

Would anyone like to finish this?

Prayer for the Year of Faith

O God, who are prevenient, consubstantial, and ineffable,
Humbly grant, we pray, that some men will come to know of your most prevenient preveniency,

In a similar way, we pray, may some men come to know of your most consubtustantial constubstantialilty,

In a similiarly similar way, we humbly beseech that you will vouchsafe that many men will come to know know of your ineffable ineffability,

May some men come to know of your precious and holy oblation of hypostatic hypostasis ...

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Re: Year of Faith prayer

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Here are some suggestions:

[1] Shorter phrases.

[2] Simpler vocabulary

[3] You might consider something more 'gender neutral' than 'men'.

[4] Construct them with an eye to be set to music.

Ideas - not necessarily in this order - and probably you should not use all of them in a single prayer, perhaps two or three different ones. Anyway, here they are.

'Lord, you know: what we really think.

:how much (or little) we really believe.

:the difference between what we say and what we really mean.

You know we can be deceived:
: by false messages,
: by 'messages' we imagine we have heard,
: by messages from fallible human beings and institutions,
: by messages derived 'from nature',
: by perverse readings/interpretations of scripture,
: by our own desires and wishes.

If we have free will:
: you cannot do everything,
: you are not all powerful.

Why then:
: should we expect you to solve our problems?
: should I (we) expect you to directly talk to me (us)?

How can we see things as they truely are?

How can we help you?

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Re: Year of Faith prayer

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I think John is pulling our collective legs.
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Re: Year of Faith prayer

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musicus wrote:I think John is pulling our collective legs.

I think Thomas is too.

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