Two Issues (Communion Hymns and Month of May)

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Re: Two Issues (Communion Hymns and Month of May)

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I am grateful for the qualification.
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Re: Two Issues (Communion Hymns and Month of May)

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Tricky one that, the Marian hymn in May at Mass, especially because of 6 Easter, Ascension, Pentecost and Trinity, and if your folk have a strong devotion to Mary. Some congregations occasionally sing a Salve Regina or Regina Caeli at the Prayer of the Faithful, in place of the (alas now disputed!) recitation of the Hail Mary; others sing a Marian recessional hymn in response to popular piety. Both, in their different ways, are pastorally sensitive and liturgically sensible, and neither undermine the central focus on the Eucharist.

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Re: Two Issues (Communion Hymns and Month of May)

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Helen, I feel for you. I know there are some in our music group who would up and out if the PP tried to impose pastorally unsuitable music on the parish. I try to avoid conflict with the PP but there must be some limits.

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