Edinburgh - bookshops for 2nd hand hymnals?

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Edinburgh - bookshops for 2nd hand hymnals?

Post by justMary »

Just wondering if anyone knows of 2nd-hand bookshops in Edinburgh where I might pick up hymn-books? I'll be visiting the Haymarket area for a few days, but with a lot of freedom to explore the city.

Not looking for antiques, more folky-kind of things (eg 20th Cenury Folk-hymnal vols 2 & 3 are absolutely on the shopping list) - and things like the English version Laudate (cf the American one from 1950-something).

These things are for sale 2nd hand on amazon from time to time: the books are cheap but the postage costs are enormous by comparison. And they don't seem to come up on ebay or adverts.ie.

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Re: Edinburgh - bookshops for 2nd hand hymnals?

Post by promusica »

I usually find second-hand hymnbooks in bookshops associated with churches -you'll normally find some in bargain bins down the back of the shop as there isn't usually much demand. I always find hymnbooks such as Hymns Ancient and Modern particularly useful for any harmony or organ students; these have several hundred 4-part hymns - these are great for sight-reading, keyboard harmony, harmonic analysis etc, as well as usually containing the standard traditional hymns that every church musician should have in their repertoire. There are plenty of second-hand bookstores in Edinburgh, as far as I remember, with good music sections. You should have no problem, but will need plenty of patience.

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Re: Edinburgh - bookshops for 2nd hand hymnals?

Post by HallamPhil »

I think we should all consider offering those mass settings which we can no longer deploy in our liturgies to our ecumenical friends who can still use them.

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