Psalms for Evening Prayer

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Martin Foster
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Psalms for Evening Prayer

Post by Martin Foster » Fri Aug 20, 2004 5:02 pm

I have been working on the completion of a resource for Sunday Evening Prayer. For each psalm text it is intended to identify other settings. Some psalm have obviously inspired people - others less so.

I would welcome any suggestions for:
    Psalm 113a (114) - When Israel came forth from Egypt.
    Psalm 109 (110) - The Lord's revelation to my Master

So far I have only identified Ps 113a - Huijbers & Psalm 109 - Proulx (Worship) and Boulton Smith (Psalm Songs). The idea is to offer the psalm text with a suitable tone but to recognise that for some communities another type of setting might be more accessible.

So ideas please - either reply here or email me.


Martin Foster

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