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Organist available

Post by organist » Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:23 am

On May 13 I "retire" after nearly 8 years at Coulsdon. I don't want to retire - it's just that I want a bit more freedom to have the occasional weekend off :D I have nearly 40 years experience playing the organ and 27 years of directing choirs so I have placed an advertisment in "The Tablet", "Church Times" and "The Bridge" - the Catholic equivalent to this seems not to take adverts! So far no response. :o So now I need to use the grapevine. I'd prefer to travel on public transport but can drive (if necessary) and I can get up to London and parts of Surrey and Kent. One does have to bear in mind that transport on Sundays is sometimes erratic to say the least.
I'm also keen not to be stuck in a box so I've played all sorts of music - the one thing that doesn't work for me is Gospel! I also feel strongly that we must pass on what is good to the next generation or we will lose our glorious heritage! Ideally I want good liturgy NOT just a hymn sandwich! St Cecilia get busy!

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