Remembrance Sunday or 33rd of the Year

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Re: Remembrance Sunday or 33rd of the Year

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alan29 wrote:
alan29 wrote:Silent entrance into one minutes silence. A bidding prayer. Abide with me at the end - awful on the Clavinova with its wonderful array of door-buzzer sounds that pass for "organ."

5 years later ....... identical.
But now a slightly better Kawai.

SC, thanks for your help.

We still have an pipe organ but it is showing its age.

Music for the requiem was:
Entry: Abide with me
Gloria, Alleluia - Eucharistic Acclamations- Glendalough
Offertory: Come, Lord Jesus, Come
Communion: Song of the Body of Christ
After dismissal, while children laid school-made wreaths on the altar steps and the adults laid crosses: Eternal Father, strong to save and Elgar's Nimrod

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Re: Remembrance Sunday or 33rd of the Year

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Yet again evidence how out of touch with people we are. Of course we should have acts of remembrance and the National anthem. when else do we sing it in church? Isn't it actually a prayer? The same thing as this nonsense about ashes. :(

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Re: Remembrance Sunday or 33rd of the Year

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Our musical programme has been very similar for the last few years for Remembrance Sunday too.

Procession to the war memorial at the back of church: Quiet organ music - I vow to thee my country
Act of Remembrance
National Anthem

Procession from the back of church to the altar to begin Mass: Ainslie Entrance Antiphon for 33rd Sunday
Offertory: O God Our Help In Ages Past
Communion: Abide With Me
Recessional: Elgar - Nimrod

Mass setting was the Belmont Mass

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Re: Remembrance Sunday or 33rd of the Year

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Requiem Mass - missal tone (no Gloria). O God Our Help, I Vow To Thee My Country, etc. Anthem was So they gave their bodies to the Commonwealth - I recommend this, a Peter Aston setting of the Pericles Funeral Oration.

After the blessing, PP recited They shall not grow old then 2 minute silence followed by (recorded :cry:) last post then National Anthem, Abide With Me and Nimrod.

Somebody pointed out on FB that the Alain Litanies would be appropriate. Might try that next year, although I'm not sure how it would go down with our congregation.
Paul Hodgetts

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