This morning's pastoral letter

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This morning's pastoral letter

Post by Nick Baty » Sun May 29, 2011 7:05 pm

So, how did it go?

Hearing our PP read it was better than reading it for myself a couple of weeks ago.

But, as I gazed around the assembly, I could see that it was having the same effect as every other pastoral letter – not a lot!

The PP spoke about it afterwards and explained a little about language used just in the liturgy. He also asked if anyone had noticed they'd been singing different words to the Holy for the last few weeks – I didn't see any nods.

And I'm wondering if, as so much of the people's text is sung anyway, anyone will really notice that much. Music does have a way of carrying words. And that sent me wondering if anyone really notices any of the words they sing – or does music alone do the trick? But this was all too deep for a Sunday morning when I'd been up all night nursing a rather poorly George the Cat.

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