Fr Brian Ward, Golden Jubilee

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Fr Brian Ward, Golden Jubilee

Post by HallamPhil » Wed May 25, 2011 9:50 pm

Tomorrow I fly to Ireland (ashclouds permitting) for the Golden Jubilee Mass of Fr Brian Ward in Ballyliffin, Co Donegal where he now lives. I got to know Brian just before he became PP at St Edmund's, Lower Edmonton, North London. On his appointment the first person from the new parish he wanted to meet was the musician. He knew that the good understanding between musician and priest would greatly influence the liturgy and thence the life of the parish. This was at a time when the initial attempts at providing music in the vernacular had faded and the dawn of the St Thomas More Group of composers signalled new, more positive expectations. He supported this movement by energetically applying himself to the learning of this music and together we cut our teeth and introduced the assembly to its rightful song. He brought with him a piano and a fine singing voice and a genuine care for the liturgy. Now more than 25 years later he is in retirement but still singing ... not so much in the churches but more with the community choirs which have welcomed him. he celebrates 50 years of faithful priesthood but, above all, he is a big human being, as passionate for life as liturgy. I look forward to sharing a glass of life with him and raising it in his direction. Those who know him might wish to do the same!

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