The Catholic Choirbook Anthology Downloads

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The Catholic Choirbook Anthology Downloads

Post by noel jones » Wed May 11, 2011 6:39 pm

We have 5 volumes of this series published, all as printed books but also as free downloads

The decision was made to create one Anthology, pulling out the best music out of all five as the best music for a new choir and adding hymns for the choir as well.

We are honored to be able to announce that we have the first review in on The Catholic Choirbook Anthology I.

Read it here: ... rbook.html

This book is now available in paperback but also as a hardbound book, bound in library cloth for many years of use.

We can ship these worldwide.

Of course, it and our other books continue to be all available as downloads so that you may examine them before purchasing as well as copy and share legally if you or your church cannot afford to buy them. Contributions of any amount are appreciated, if possible for you.

Thank you.

Noel Jones, AAGO

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