Oldies but Goldies?

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Oldies but Goldies?

Post by Mithras » Mon Nov 01, 2010 4:04 pm

I have been looking though some of my older lirurgical music wondering what might still be useful when the new translations come into play and came across three interesting examples of music which might repy revision.

The first is Paul Inwood's Eucharistic Liturgy (1976), a setting of the second Eucharistic Prayer with acclamations (Sanctus, Christ has Died and Amen) and also with music through to the Agnus Dei. I have used this from time to time and I am sure that Paul would find no problem with adapting the chant fo the Eucharistic Prayer to the new text, and equally sure that the Sanctus and Acclamation could be similarly adapted. Perhaps Paul might be working on this already....?

Next I found Paul's Penetential Song(1979), a piece with a fairly simple part for the assembly, a choir part that requires careful perparation (duplicated by the organ in case of no SATB being available) and a simple part for cantor/priest. This is the only time that I have seen a liturgical piece in whih the organist's instructions include the direction "wild"!

Th third is Bill Tamblyn's Fesitval Mass which dates from 1973, written for a Summer School and which, as Bill himself says, was written when we still felt challeged by the liturgy. Well, those challenges are almost upon us again, so as a one-off this might be something that could be considered for a future Summer School!


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