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I pointed out to the parish office the item in The Tablet about buying the new lectionaries from India at a fraction of the cost of the UK books but was told the clergy had decided to order them and the appeal for money for them was successful. I can't help feeling this is a huge waste of money in a time when so many are strugggling with the cost of living. Of course we need the books. But why can't we use our phones if we need to study the texts? Now of course all those horrid little missalettes will be chucked out and replaced? :( More expense! :( I have noticed recently the communion antiphon lead by the priest is not the same as that in the missalette.
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Re: Cost

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Don't rely on your phone.

The responsorial psalm materials sent to publishers and composers by the Liturgy Office contain myriads of typos, errors and inconsistencies. It is not known if the actual lectionary will be the same. If this is also reflected in what eventually becomes available via Universalis, heaven help us!
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