Hymns for the Reformation Martyrs

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Hymns for the Reformation Martyrs

Post by FrGareth » Fri Jan 14, 2011 3:01 am

I wonder if anyone is aware of hymns which are suitable for celebrations of the Reformation Martyrs in general, or of one or more named martyrs?

The subject is a sensitive one and needs to balance honouring the martyrs' sacrifice with a sensitivity appropriate to ecumenical relations between churches today.

In the absence of anything else suitable, I've put together a little something for the six canonized Welsh martyrs.

There is also a Hymn to St David Lewis available, by Sr Canisius SSJA, of Llantarnam Abbey.

Beyond Wales, there is a hymn to St Oliver Plunkett.

Any other suggestions? Please blog here!

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Re: Hymns for the Reformation Martyrs

Post by alan29 » Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:01 am

Well I have seen Faith of our Fathers in non-catholic hymn books. I guess it would fit martyrs of both sides in certain parishes on either side.

St Wilfrid
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Re: Hymns for the Reformation Martyrs

Post by St Wilfrid » Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:21 pm

There's one I remember from primary school days - Martyrs of England, Standing on high. (OK, England - but possibly tweakable). From what I remember of the words it should be fairly inoffensive (not as strangers in far-off lands, / not as heroes of long ago ; / our English speech ye can understand, / our cities and hills and fields ye know). Written by a lady, I think.

I've not come across it any current collection but I'm sure it was in Cary's The Parish Hymn Book from the 60's .

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Re: Hymns for the Reformation Martyrs

Post by JW » Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:37 pm

I also remember 'Martyrs of England' from the 1950's. I think the chorus went:

Martyrs of England, standing on high
Warrior band of the great white throne
Martyrs of England, hark to our cry,
Pray for the country you called your own,
Pray for the country you called your own.

I've completely forgotten the verses. The tune was quite rousing - lots of dotted rythms.

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Re: Hymns for the Reformation Martyrs

Post by docmattc » Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:25 pm

On Songs of Praise they've just sung the following, written by on of those martyrs, Philip Howard.
Its 10 10 10 10 10 10, so fits 445 or 833 in Laudate (Gibbons Song 1)

No eye hath seen what joys the Saints obtain,
No ear hath heard what comforts are pos-sessed;
No heart can think in what delight they reign,
Nor pen express their happy port of rest,
Where pleasure flows, and grief is never seen.
Where good abounds, and ill is banish'd clean.

Those sacred Saints remain in perfect peace.
Which Christ confessed, and walked in His ways,
They shine in bliss, which now shall never cease.
And to His Name do sing eternal praise:
Before His throne in white they ever stand,
And carry palms of triumph in their hand.

Above them all the Virgin hath a place.
Which caused the world with comfort to abound ;
The beams do shine in her unspotted face,
And with the stars her head is richly crowned :
In glory she all creatures passeth far,
The moon her shoes, the sun her garments are.

Lo! here the look which Angels do admire !
Lo! here the spring from whom all goodness flows
Lo! here that sight which men and Saints desire !
LoI here that stalk on which our comfort grows !
Lo! this is she whom heaven and earth embrace.
Whom God did choose, and filled full of grace,

Next above her, and on a higher throne.
Our Saviour in His Manhood sitteth here ;
From Whom proceeds all perfect joy alone.
And in Whose Face all glory doth appear :
The Saints' delight conceived cannot be
When they a Man the Lord of Angels see.

O worthy place, where such a Lord is chief!
O glorious Lord, Who princely servants keeps !
O happy Saints, which never taste of grief !
O blessed state, where malice ever sleeps !
No one is here of base or mean degree,
But all are known the sons of God to be.

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