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Volume 42 No 3




Society News
The Crichton Memorial Lecture

Patrick Kelly

Archbishop Emeritus Patrick Kelly takes us into the world of light, space and colour, inspired by the title of Raphale Seitz’ 2009 book. Liturgy is about taking away what hinders our path to Christ. The lecture focuses on how we can prepare for liturgy in a less cluttered way, going back to essentials.

The Year of Mercy – An Ongoing Agenda

Kathryn Turner

Kathryn Turner takes us on her journey in preparing and planning for the Year of Mercy liturgies. This process involved looking at mercy beyond forgiveness and reconciliation.

Christian Meditation in Schools

Sue Perkis

The Bishop of Townsville, Queensland, introduced meditation to school children in his diocese as a way of encouraging children to spend time with Jesus. Teachers found this to have transformative effect on children, changing their attitude to silence. Sue Purkis describes how this process is working out in UK schools.

In a Word – Night Prayer
A Chant Toolkit – Part 2

Alan Smith

Alan Smith continues his series on chant. Part 2 focuses on typesetting Gregorian chant using the Illuminate Score Editor.

So Great a Work – Faith

Kevin McGinnell

So great a gift is faith. How do we celebrate faith together musically and liturgically? The Profession of Faith belongs to the ‘whole gathered people’ and Kevin McGinnell challenges us to think about singing the Creed.

Preparing the Liturgy: Triduum (A) to 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)
Deepening Encounters: Marked with the Sign of Faith

Aidan Rossiter

November is known in Catholicism as the month of the dead, bringing to mind those who have gone before us. But a deeper reflection points to its links to baptism. Fr Aidan Rossiter explores our abiding respect for the month of November.

The Music of Taizé – An Ecumenical Miracle

Paul Inwood

Taizé music is 40 years old this year. The ecumenical French community and its liturgies still exert a powerful attraction for large numbers of believers and seekers of God. Paul Inwood looks back at his first encounter with the Taizé community, describing its alternative style of prayer which inspires many in their worship worldwide.

In Shape: The Church, out and about

Frances Novillo

Each worshipper represents the Church in and out of the church. Conversation outside of church may not mention God but it provides the opportunity to lead to it. Once we are known as Christian, we immediately become visible ambassadors for Christ. Frances Novillo describes how her community had to come out of their comfort zone to achieve this.

From the Archives
Letter from America: Three Funerals and a Wedding

Philip Jakob

Philip Jakob continues his American adventures and discusses how pastorally different funerals and weddings are.

Reformation 500 – Commemorating the Quincentenary of the Reformation

Martin Foster

Martin Foster introduces to us an Order of Service and other resources prepared by the Joint Liturgical Group of Great Britain (JLG) in commemoration of this Luther-Year. It focuses on remembering, reforming repenting, rejoicing and reconciling.

One Hymn to the Tune of Another

Stephen Dean

Any text can be sung to a tune of the same metre, but we must ask these questions: is this text worth singing? Is the music going to enhance it? and how can I present it so that people will accept it and take it into their prayer?

The Last Word – Reading

Anthony Boylan

We need high standards in the proclamation of God’s Word, and this applies to all involved. Formation of readers needs to be methodical and Anthony Boylan gives us his take on this with an emphasis on how to deliver the best to God’s people.

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