Music and Liturgy Journal

Volume 41 Number 3

February 2016

In this issue….

Full Contents

  • Editorial
  • Society News
  • Music and Singing in the Life of the Seminarian and the Priest :Talk to Catholic Directors of Music: Buckfast Abbey, May, 2015 Mark O’Toole
  • Gotteslob: the German hymnal John Ainslie
  • So Great A Work : Mercy and Me and You Kevin McGinnell
  • Sound Reflections : Have Mercy on Them! Paul Inwood
  • Door of Mercy : Hymn for the Year of Mercy John McLoughlin
  • In Shape : Theotokos Frances Novillo
  • Deepening Encounters : A Theatre of Paschal Encounter Aidan Rossiter
  • Planning Ecumenical Worship Teresa Brown
  • Preparing the Liturgy: St Joseph to SS Peter and Paul
  • Tried and Trusted Darquise Bilodeau
  • Letter from America : Year of Mercy Philip Jakob
  • Book Reviews : How Not to say Mass: A Guidebook on  Liturgical Principles and the Roman Missal  Dennis by C Smolarski, SJ ,  and What Are They Talking About? by Bishop Maurice Taylor
  • In a Word : Tenebrae
  • Obituary: Michael B Regan
  • The Crichton Lecture 2015 : Language, Music, Liturgy: Communicating the Word Thomas O’Loughlin
  • Correspondence : Response to Paul Inwood’s article The Revised Grail Psalter [Music  and Liturgy, Issue 353, February 2015, Vol 40 No 3]  Abbot Gregory Polan, OSB
  • The Last Word : The Year of Mercy and Penitential Rite III   Anthony Boylan

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