Let us Dream - an Easter Resource

Welcome to this work of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales Spirituality Committee inspired by Pope Francis’ Let us dream. The path to a better future.

In the days after Easter, the Church invites us to follow the Church on her journey as she emerges from the empty tomb in the light of the resurrection and from the upper room prompted by the Holy Spirit. It is a hope-filled story as we see the Church continue to grow as she responds to the Holy Spirit and builds up the different fledgling communities. We know, too, of course, that the life in the early Church was not without a crisis or two! Indeed, it was these crises as much as anything else that helped to shape its present and future.

In Let us Dream, Pope Francis offers a deeply personal and passionate reflection on the Covid crises in his own life and insightful observations on the present Covid crisis as he looks and sees what is going on around the world. His conclusion is that Covid, as well as bringing untold suffering, has brought blessing in the present and can shape our future for the better. But, he says, for this to happen, “We have to see clearly, choose well and act right”.

I hope that as we make this journey together from Easter to Pentecost the insights of Pope Francis will enable us to begin ‘to see, clearly, choose well, act right’ as we look to rebuild our lives and renew the Church post Covid.

+Ralph Heskett C.Ss.R.

Pietro lorenzetti, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
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