Music and Liturgy Journal

Volume 44 No 3

May 2020


3 Editorial
5 Society News
6 Don’t Let’s Start Again Too Quickly! – Paul Inwood
10 Joy in the Liturgy – Paul Turner
12 Liturgy in Isolation – Frances Novillo
14 On the Feast of the Assumption – Kevin McGinnell

Preparing the Liturgy
The 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) to Christ the King

15 The God Who Speaks Through Song – David McLoughlin
18 In Shape – Frances Novillo
20 Anti-Semitism in the Old Testament – Allen Morris
22 Sound Reflections – Paul Inwood
23 So Great A Work – Allen Morris
25 Marking Time – Kevin McGinnell
26 In A Word: Alleluia
27 The Last Word – Alan Griffiths 

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