Composers' Forum

Membership of the SSG Composers’ Forum is open to those who are interested in composing music or writing texts for the Roman Catholic liturgy.

If you would like to receive information about the Composers’ Forum’s activities, you are invited to join the SSG Composers’ Forum email group. Simply complete the form  below and you will be added to the mailing list.

All communication about the Composers’ Forum business will be carried out via email, so do please sign-up. Some people are already on the existing database, but if you’re not sure, please apply again.

Request to be added to mailing list for Composers’ Forum

Your email address will be used solely for the efficient administration of the Composers’ Forum.

We will not use your email address for any other purpose, either within or outside the SSG, and we will not give it or sell it to any third-party.

We will use your email address to give you early notice of the Forum’s various meetings and workshops around the UK; to send you resource materials from time to time; and to call for material to discuss at the meetings.

Most of this information (but not the resources) will also appear on the SSG web forums and on its website.

Forthcoming meetings 2017

6th May – Yeovil

15th July – Pershore

16th September – London

November – Salford (date to be confirmed)

Call for submissions

Composers and text writers, whether they are SSG members or not, are invited to submit compositions and/or texts for possible discussion at the forthcoming meeting of the SSG Composers’ Forum. Please note:

  • only works submitted in advance of the meeting will be considered
  • composers’ and authors’ copyright in any submitted material will be respected and safeguarded
  • attendees do not have to submit work
  • no work will be discussed whose composers/author is not present
  • works must be unpublished or work-in-progress (the Forum will provide other opportunities to discuss published works)
  • works may be submitted in any of the following media:
    • by email (to Alan Smith)
      • if music, as a software file (Finale [any version], Sibelius [any version], Notion [any version], or any other software application that is currently available for both Windows AND Apple OCs)
      • if text as Microsoft Word [any version]
    • by email (to Alan Smith) as a PDF
  • If you submit more than one item, please prioritise your works, so that if there is only time to consider some of them I will know which ones to omit.
  • I will make printed copies of the music available for discussion, but no-one will go away with copies without your permission (which you are NOT obliged to give).
  • Anyone who submits work will have at least one piece discussed; and usually more, depending on the time available.
  • The discussion will take the form of peer review, led by me, who will ensure that a positive and supportive approach is taken at all times. Composers and writers are, of course, at liberty to accept or reject the suggestions of their peers as they see fit!
  • If you are not yet a member of the Composers’ Forum email group, you can kill two birds with one stone by submitting work for a meeting. This will be taken as a request to join the email group.
Please submit any work for discussion to me to arrive no later than one week before next scheduled meeting.

Please do email me if you have any queries about any of this.  If you cannot make it to this meeting please note the details of other meetings this year, listed above on this page.

Alan Smith

Thank you.

Alan Smith

Convenor, SSG Composers’ Forum