About Us

The Society of Saint Gregory is the national society for liturgy and music in the Roman Catholic Church in the British Isles.

The Society is a charity whose purpose is to promote study, understanding and good practice in the celebration of the liturgy, in accordance with the teaching of the Church.

Members include a wide cross-section of people and views, all sharing a common desire to understand and celebrate the liturgy properly and well.


Our Aims

The principle aims of the Society are:

  • to further the study and understanding of the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church by the people, with a view to promoting active participation in accordance with the teaching of the Church
  • promote and facilitate the study, performance, composition and use of music in the liturgy
  • to publish a journal or other publications
  • to organise meetings, schools and conferences at which instruction in the liturgy and music is given
  • to assist with formation of ministers of the liturgy in the understanding, application and celebration of the liturgy
  • to reproduce, print, publish and sell books and pamphlets likely to be required by persons concerned with the liturgy and sacred music

What we do

The Society of Saint Gregory continues to promote the ‘full, active and conscious participation’ in the Church’s liturgy to which Christian people have a right and a duty. It does this by means of an annual Summer School, a Composers’ Forum, a Winter Assembly, with annual Crichton Memorial Lecture, a journal, Music and Liturgy, a network of diocesan contacts for members throughout Great Britain, and this website, where you will find among other things a lively discussion forum for exchange of news and views. The Society enjoys the patronage and support of the Bishops’ Conferences of England and Wales, and of Scotland.

Our story

Find out how the Society began, back in 1929

Saint Gregory

Why was Saint Gregory adopted as our patron?

A welcome from the chair of our trustees, Fr Kevin McGinnell

Kevin McGinnell

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